General Introduction

Welcome to the New Digital World of Web3 and beyond.
A Web3 Ecosystem built for the Professional Sports Industry. Leagues, Teams, Service Providers and the Public, collectively own, host and govern the SportsChain Network. Sports specific Infrastructure and Applications offered through decentralized ownership with a Whitelabel Plug & Play model for professional sports Organizations to get into Web3. We leverage the best Tech and our Expertise across decades of work in the professional sports industry to offer a unifying platform that advances all parties in the New Digital World.
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Get $LKT Tokens: You can obtain $LKT Token now via our openly traded pre-sale and qualify for $LKT Airdrop at the launch of SportsChain.

Quick Overview

Project Intro
Our Pro Sports Web3 Ecosystem is collectively owned by sports industry leading Clubs, Leagues and Service Providers. We offer a whitelabel approach for teams to plug and play, giving their fanbase the best of crypto with no need to hire developers. We are building a sports centric Blockchain called SportsChain with Polygons SuperNet Tech. The concept is that Teams, Leagues and leading Industry service providers own a collective share of the Ecosystem and the Dapps within it. In the D-Sports Alliance, professional Sports Teams can access everything needed for their Web3 operations, from a non-custodial wallet to our own decentralized social media, market places with team independent NFT contracts and so much more. Best of all, its owned by the sports industry as a whole with distributed ownership through $LKT. Teams wanting their own App can whitelabel a custom Ecosystem App for next level fan engagement and new revenue streams. Instead of needing to rely on multiple 3rd parties like Metamask or Opensea, we offer the full suite in-house.


For Leagues & Teams There are many service providers for Web3 end user applications and a vast choice of Blockchain Networks to operate on. Who to choose? We offer a Blockchain Network built specifically for the professional sports industry, enabling Teams and other major industry entities to host the network and benefiting from collective growth. The gateway for data generation and distribution can be entirely owned by industry parties. Decentralized Applications can be shared amongst Teams, which will reduce individually required development costs, allowing members to immediately get started and enjoy the best of todays Tech.
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For Fans & Investors The new digital era we are entering makes way for vast opportunities in many areas of the sports industry. Through decentralized ownership and governance, the general public is able to participate in areas that were otherwise unreachable. Sports markets open up globally and connect through the D-Sports Alliance.
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Get Started

You can purchase $LKT Tokens on various Blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain, qualifying for the Airdrop of $LKT Coin on SportsChain. If you are looking how to get your Club or Company to capitalize on the new digital world, contact us today at [email protected] and book a presentation to learn more.
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